Personal & Relationship Coaching


Personal coaching, your road to a peaceful, happy, healthy life.

Why would you want this?

Are you tired of that anger that is seems that you can not control anymore?

Are you feed up with the fear that is not allowing you to sleep, breath, enjoy life?

Are you desperate because you do not know how to let go of your sadness and your grief ?

Do you feel depressed and overwellmed not knowing what to do to overcome it?

 Do you have a problem  that it seems that you can not solve? Do you feel you are at the cross roads in your career or your relationship and you do not know anymore which way to take ?
 Do you have a relationship that is not working  or you would like to  improve it?

Would you  ever consider that it is possible to let go of all your past negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt), all your limiting decisions (I'm not good enough, I don't have enough, I cannot have the relationship that I want to have, I cannot be the person that I want to be ...) and all the physical symptoms connected with them (headaches, migraines, pain ...) and transform your life ...!

Think about it.... how would you feel connecting with that inner peace , feeling strong, confident , feeling loved and appreciated ...!

What it will do for you ?  Who you will be without that pain ?

Being once were you are know, overcoming it and  being  aslo an expert in the filed of Personal Development and Transformation,  and using the most powerful teqnihcs on the market ,like NLP, Time Line Therapy, I can be your  helping hand, your  guide, your coach and I can help you release all your blockages , let go of your past and .... Transform Your Life .


These powerful techniques are useful in addressing:

  • anxiety, depression, panic attacks,grief after a death or separation, fear of public speaking,
  • phobias, addictions, wheight loss,
  • low self esteem,confidence building,
  • couple therapy, relationships,
  • stress management
  • career change

Not only that     .... also helping  you to build a successful future either in your health, love life, or career.


Having an amazing relationship is possible.... and the relationship coaching can help you and your partner to get there, by letting go of past negative emotions and let  the relationship bloom,  understanding each others values and beliefs.


You will work with  me ,a highly skilled coach and  You will take massive, intelligent action to achieve your results. Your coach will empower you with the extraordinary leverage of accountability, as a good friend—someone who understands your ultimate desires. Your coach will help measure, monitor, manage, and support you to ensure that you keep your word to yourself, and take the consistent action that leads to the results you desire most.

Special techniques for today


Ready for a MAJOR CHANGE towards the NEW YOU ? ...
Definitely, ask us about our BREAKTHROUGH sessions !!!


The main requirement is that during this Breakthrough Coaching Sessions you would be open to follow the instructions and have the knowledge and awareness that it's for your benefit.

Commit with a passion and a focus that you deserve  it and we'll bring you extraordinary resources for powerfully improving the quality of your personal and professional life.


Our guarantee to you, is that your benefit is our highest purpose.

We offer consultation sessions in person and/or by phone.