Who are we?

We are the helping  hands that with compassion , we can  assist you in  healing the imbalances in your body, mind and spirit and ..........    guide you to connect with the higher power, and the deep peace within....!For that we are using the most powerful techniques :» Cranio Sacral  Therapy, » Neuro Linguistic Programming,» Integrated Energy TherapyHuna - Shamanic Hawaiian Tradition

                                                New -  John of God Crystal Bed Chackra Balancing Sessions - New


                                                                                                     New - Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions - New

                                          Call from everywhere  You are in the World and You can have a Breakthrough Session  via Skype   


All hands-on sessions are performed on an
Amethyst Crystals BioMat


When you heal yourself and assist others with
their self-healing, you heal the world.
You do make a difference!